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Our History

Established in the mid 1970’s, the QSBS is the areas longest running, oldest bike shop. Father and son team of Don and Greg Potvin and friend Kurt Miron started the bike shop all those years ago in a barn behind our current location.  Many changes happen over time, but one thing has remained the same, our dedication to bicycle repair and customer service. 

We dedicate our selves to the highest quality, honest repair possible.  And, as our name suggest, in a timely manor.  We pride ourselves on providing each of our guests with the highest level of customer service possible, always sharing our passion of cycling and passing on our years of cycling knowledge and industry experience.  Flash forward to 2023, we are proud to have been awarded one of the top 100 bike shops in the country and a top industry partner for the last 5 years. 

We hope you find our website to be a useful tool and information source for not only our shop, but the local area and all it has to offer.   We welcome you to visit us in the shop, say hi to us at local and regional events, and join us for a ride on our wonderful trails. 

Dedication to our trails, serving on boards, and volunteering our time building and maintaining the cycling culture in Marquette are priorities to us. You will find our employees racing, training, and riding all over the country. 

The QSBS crew is a tight knit group of friends and family.  Even though the business has changed hands a few times, it has always been a local family run business.   We have over 75 years of experience on hand ready to help you, and learn from each individual experience that comes our way. 

We hope to see you out on the trails!  

Meet the Team

Jacob O

Years at QSBS: A hair shy of 2 Years

Favorite bike: Gunna have to say my old Kona Explosif (RIP)

Favorite trail: Scary Trail

Favorite trail not in Marquette: Overflow

Place ridden in: Copper Harbor (fight me) 

Favorite thing to fix: Bikes

Favorite rider : Brage Vestavik 

Shimano vs Sram: Shimido

Other shops worked at: If pizza shops don’t count, this is the first

Beard? Yes

Winter activity: Blackrocks Trivia

Sandwich or pasty? Sandwich

Jon S.

Years at QSBS: 4

Favorite bike: Kona Rove ST

Favorite trail: Heritage Trail

Favorite trail not in Marquette: Chain of lakes trails in MPLS

Place ridden in: Marquette, Copper Harbor, Bentonville, Duluth, MPLS.

Things you don't like to fix: exploded wheel

Favorite thing to fix: Klunkers

Favorite rider : Danny McNorton

Shimano vs Sram: Shimano

Other shops worked at: Penn Cycle 

Beard? Yeah right, rookie

Winter activity: Carving up the Roy

Sandwich or pasty? Cajun Chicken Sandwich

Nick R.

Years at QSBS: Year one

Favorite bike: Trek Fuel EX

Favorite trail: Zueg's

Favorite trail not in Marquette: The Catherine Pass descent in Alta Utah, or The Ribbon in Grand Junction CO

Place ridden in: Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, North Carolina 

Things you don't like to fix: Any Trek Speed Concept 

Favorite thing to fix: Frame Up Builds

Favorite rider : Emil Johanson

Shimano vs Sram: Sram Drivetrains, Shimano Brakes 

Other shops worked at: The Stable, Down Wind Sports, Trek 

Beard? Yep

Winter activity: Skiing, Surfing, Fatbiking

Sandwich or pasty? Subs all-day

Erik C.

Years at QSBS: 10+?  Wait, how old are my kids?

Favorite bike: All Time - Chromag Wide Angle.  Current - TBD

Favorite trail: Southern Cross to Old Gorg to Gorg.

Favorite trail not in Marquette:  White Ranch CO - Long Horn Trail.

Place ridden in: UP, Wisco, Arkansas, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington,  Spain,  Austria, France,  Switzerland, Taiwan.

Thing you aren’t good at fixing:  Old Worn Front ders are always a tough one.

Favorite thing to fix: Hub bearings or stripped out bolt.

Favorite rider :  Loris Vergier

Shimano vs Sram: Shimano Always

Other shops worked at: Elevation Cycles, Trek Store Boulder.

Beard? More like a 5 o'clock shadow.

Winter activity: Skiing and fatbiking.

Sandwich or pasty? Cajun Chicken Sandwich or Togo's #16 Classic veggies add hot peppers.

Blake C.

Years at QSBS: 3

Favorite bike: Yeti SB150

Favorite trail: Southern cross to old yellow

Favorite trail not in Marquette: Overflow (Copper harbor)

Places ridden in: Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota,  Arkansas. 

Thing you don't like fixing:. Cantilever brakes. 

Favorite thing to fix: Hubs: bearings, freehubs. 

Favorite rider : Phil Atwill

Shimano vs Sram: Shimano drivetrain, sram brakes. 

Other shops worked at: Mel's Trading Post

Beard? Yep

Winter activity: Snow biking

Sandwich or pasty? Sammich

Brian D.

Years at QSBS:  hmm off and on for 22 years, more on then off

Favorite bike: Spooky Bandwagon

Favorite trail: NTN red to green

Favorite trail not in Marquette: pisgah nc

Places ridden in: Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Michigan, MN, NC, SC, Arkansas, Kentucky, East Coast. 

Thing you don't like fixing:. Tri bikes, there's pee on those space ships

Favorite thing to fix: I enjoy a nice overhaul on something. Could be a fork, rear shock, loose ball hub or bottom bracket. Also flat tires.

Favorite rider : Shaun Palmer

Shimano vs Sram: Sram

Other shops worked at: Kinetic Systems, Spo Tho, REI, Downwind Sports, Hoback sports

Beard? Dad Beard. Only in fall and winter.

Winter activity:  Woodstove Stoker, Hockey dad, Amateur Nordic skier, Semi-retired snowboarder.  

Sandwich or pasty?  Sandwich in spring and summer, Pasty fall and winter.  

Nevin B.

Years at QSBS: 13?

Favorite bike: AllTime-kona dawg

modern era-Yet iSB130/ Corvus SkookumAF

Favorite trail: Zooogs

Favorite trail not in Marquette: Black mountain NC

Place ridden in: MI WI MN AZ UT CO NC AR WA

Thing you aren’t good at fixing: Bad Tire

Favorite thing to fix: Wheels

Favorite rider : Brage Vestavik

Shimano vs Sram: Shimano

Other shops worked at: Toule Werx

Beard? Usually 

Winter activity: uphill and downhill skiing fat biking fishing , and panking

Sandwich or pasty? Gotta go pasty

Maria H.

Years at QSBS: 10 yrs?

Favorite bike: Trek Slash

Favorite trail: HTP

Favorite trail not in Marquette: Black mountain NC

Place ridden in: MI WI CO 

Thing you aren’t good at fixing: Brian's Attitude

Favorite thing to fix: 

Favorite rider : 

Shimano vs Sram: Shimano

Other shops worked at:

Winter activity: 

Sandwich or pasty?

Why Shop With Us?

 We love riding bikes.  We love helping others find joy on a bike.   We are not here to sell you something.  No pushy sales pitches here.  We are here to offer honest, experienced advice.  That is it.   We all wrench on bikes that give us an additional level of experience that most shops do not have.  Just friends helping friends get out there and have a blast.  

Quality & Value

We sell products from the best bicycle brands in the world.   If its in our store, we personally like the product.

Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

We aren't your average bike shop. Our staff is helpful and crazy about cycling.  We love to ride as much as you.  We all wrench on bikes so we have added experience in the stand that we love to share to make sure you get the best possible ride or gear. We listen to your needs and work hard to help you find precisely the right products for you.  

Community Involvement

We love the bike community that is Marquette County.  We are driven to give back to the trails and bike community in dollars and elbow grease.  We look forward to working Start The Cycle youth cycling program every year,  we dig on the trails every month in the summer and are proud to be a Black Diamond Sponsor for the NTN trails.  Trails build community.   Community builds trails.  

Browse Our Bike Selection

Find your dream bike today and visit us for a test ride. We'll ensure that you're on the right bike to meet your needs and the right frame size for a comfortable, safe cycling experience.