Spring Bike Check

Written by admin on February 8, 2017


A few things to think about as we prepare for SPRING.

Phil (the groundhog) said only 6 more weeks!!!!

Clean and Inspect whole Bike. Frame, rims, tires, cables and housing- ALL of it! Are the wheels properly installed? Cracks in the paint or broken parts? (not good)

Wheels. Hows the tread wear? Is there any sidewall damage? Are my tires tubeless? When was the sealant last refreshed? Loose spokes or dented rims?

Brakes. Is the lever feel even left and right? Do they feel firm and confident? Is the stopping power good? When did i last change the brake pads?

Consider the Suspension. Is the air pressure appropriate for my weight and preferences? Is the hardware clean, greased, and torqued? Suspension pivots cleaned lubed and torqued? Are the dust wipers wet with oil? When was the last time i had this serviced?

How does my drive-train look. Is it cleanish and/or lubed? How many miles/hours do i have on it? When was my last tune up?

Touch Points. How are my grips doing? Do i even like them?  Is my seat bent or ripped? Is it comfortable? Are my pedals bent or broken? How do the bearings feel? Do i want to try a different style?

This is a great time to go through your bike and make sure your ready when the trails are!!

The Quick Stop is here to help you with any and all of these questions, so stop on by and check out all the offerings here and make sure your Bike is dialed!!