Services, Rates, and Rentals

Bike Rental Rates:

Call to make a reservation for your rental.

Full Suspension Rental Bikes $70 a day

2018 Trek Fuel EX 7.

Small, Medium, Large

Hardtail Mountain Bike Demo $50 for 24 hours 

2018 Kona Kahuna

Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Fat Bike Rentals  $50 for 24 hours

Fatback Rhino FLT

Path Bike Rental $30 for 24 hours

Trek Navigators and Shifts

Yeti Demo Bikes – $100 for 24 hours. 

YETI CYCLES  4.5c, 5c, 5+c, 5.5c.

Call for availability.


*Helmets Mandatory, not for competition use*

*Half Day rates available on all rentals*

Quick Stop Bike Shop Labor Prices

Tune Up $45
Tune Up Plus $75
Complete Overhaul $125

Bike Assembly (complete: Frame up) $125.00
Bike Assembly (partially built) $75.00
Bike Disassembly (for shipping) $45.00
Bar Tape Install $8.00
Bottom Bracket Adjust $10.00
Bottom Bracket Installation $15.00
Bottom Bracket Repack $20.00
Brake Install/Adj $12.00
Brake Bleed Starting at: $15.00
Chain Install $10.00
Chase Bottom Bracket Threads $10.00
Coaster Brake Repack $35.00
Computer Install $10.00
Crank Bros Pedal Rebuild $15.00
Crank Install $20.00
Derailleur Install/Adj. $12.00
Drivetrain/Frame Cleaning $30.00
Face Headtube/B.B./Disc Tabs(Each) $12.00
Fender/Rack Install $12.00
Fork Install $35.00
Fork Overhaul(Parts not included) $70.00
Rear Shock Air Sleeve Maintenance ( Parts not Included) $35.00
Freewheel Removal/Install $10.00
Headset Pressed Install $20.00
Headset Repack $17.00
Hub Adjust $10.00
Hub Overhaul $20.00
Spoke Replacement (includes true,no spokes) $20.00
Tube/Tire Install (Flat Tire Repair) $7.59
Tubeless Tire Install (includes Stans) $15.00
Tubeless Refresh (includes Stans) Per wheel: $10.00
Wheel Build $40
Wheel Rebuild $50
Wheel True Starting at: $15.00

*All other services will utilize hourly labor rate* $40/hr
*$35 Additional Tandem/Recumbent Tariff (bikes are difficult and cumbersome to work with in our space and in our conventional work stand and require this additional fee)