×Philip Ott×

Written by admin on May 26, 2015

Recently added to the Past Proud Owner Club. 2005- 2010; Now Remote consultant for the QSBS and Toule Werx West Site Manager.  I did everything from sweeping to book keeping. My favorite thing is to work on bikes, and see the smile on someone’s face after a job well done.
Since: 2006, maybe 2007

First job? 
My first job was at Fontana outdoor sports, I turned wrenches, cleaned up (a lot), and helped on the sales floor.

What kind of riding do you do?
Mountain biking downhills is my favorite, the gnarlier the better. Air time, wheelies, skids, climbing, mud, snow, roots, I like it all.  My favorite way to start my day is a bike ride into work.

Favorite bike?
Current, Trek Session 9.9.  Past, Schwinn Rocket 88—so many memories….

Favorite place to ride at home?
Benson grade freeride trails, or Bareback

Favorite place to ride outside of Marquette?
Whistler, BC

What do you eat for lunch?
Sandwich, Apple, Yogurt with a carrot for a spoon.

Coffee, Tea, or MTN Dew?
Decaf Coffee

Favorite repair?
Suspension overhaul, or, if I have the time, if the customer wants the full tear down every pivot cleaned no stone left unturned.

If you aren’t working where are you?
11:30-8 I’m sleeping, after 6 riding my bike, building trail, dirt biking, fixing a broken toy, or, if it’s winter, I’m skiing, snowmobiling, or snowbiking.

Race, Group ride, solo?
I love racing, I wish I could do it every weekend.  Close second is the first ride back after a trip. You always learned something new, it breathes new life into your favorite trail.