×Collin Kytta×

Written by admin on April 26, 2015

New guy trying to work his way up the totem pole
Since: Summer of 2012.

First job?

What is your other Other job(s)?
Ski instructor in the winter.  Insulation blower for K2 Insulation.

What kind of riding do you do?

Favorite bike?
Trek 920

Favorite place to ride at home?
Your Mom.

Favorite place to ride outside of Marquette?

What do you eat for lunch?
Whatever mom packed me for lunch minus whatever Nevin stole.  Thanks Mary.

Coffee, Tea, or MTN Dew?

Favorite repair?
A bad attitude.

If you aren’t working where are you?
In my Dads garage.

Race, Group ride, solo?
Race sweeper.